Problem Gambling FAQ

Here, below, are the answers to some frequently asked questions:

Why is Gambling so Hard to Treat? 

There are many reasons. For one, this type of addiction is often invisible to others. You can’t smell gambling on someone’s breath. The gambler doesn’t look drunk. Gamblers are excellent at hiding it for a long time. Gamblers don’t look physically ill. And like other addicts, they are also often in denial. For many the addiction to gambling relies on the irregular timing of a reward. The gambler doesn’t win every time, but he or she does win sometimes. That elusive win is what the person is after. 

Why is Online Gambling Harder to Treat than Other Forms? 

Online gambling is very easy to hide for a long time. Especially if partners don’t share bank accounts and finances. Going to a casino is one thing. Tapping a few keystrokes while you’re in the bathtub is harder to track. Not everyone checks the phones of their partners. And online gambling is everywhere. It’s on your laptop, your tablet and your phone. It’s very easy to access. It’s not as politically incorrect as, say, an addiction to heroin. 

Who is at Risk to Become a Problem Gambler? 

Anyone is at risk. 

Is there are Relationship Between Different Types of Addictions? 

Maybe. There is some evidence that if someone has an “addictive” personality, he or she may be more at risk to develop other addictions. 

Isn’t Problem Gambling Just a Money Problem? 

Definitely not. It’s a societal problem. Problem gambling can lead to homelessness, neglected children, and a life of crime to sustain the habit and the addiction. 

Can Children Develop a Gambling Problem? 

Yes, they absolutely can. Just like they can become addicted to cigarettes or heroin. 

 We can help those with gambling addictions. If you are suffering from gambling problems or know someone who is, contact us through the form on this page.