Processing Grief and Loss Together

July 17th, 2019 in General Counselling

When faced with grief in our life due to loss or other circumstances, we all face it in our own, different ways. When working through grief and loss, it is normal to have all facets of your life be affected. If you start to find it difficult to manage, or feel you are putting too much stress  on your friends and family, you should consider family counselling.

Facing those big life transitions is difficult. Each person reacts to grief differently, and processes it in his or her own way. This does not mean that it should be faced apart. In fact, processing grief and loss together has shown to be more effective in providing relief, and working toward emotional healing.

A family counsellor can work with families to have them process grief and loss together. Strategies can be developed and shared, and families can work together to implement different ways of coping. Creating this support network allows you to understand that what you are feeling is similar to others, but may be slightly different.

Processing grief can take a good deal of time, sometimes years or longer, so it is important to have support throughout this time. You may have a bad day, or your loved one may, and processing grief together with the help of family counselling can help you to navigate these times in a supportive and understanding way.

Dealing with loss and grief is never easy, nor should it be. Do not try to face it alone, or keep it bottled up. Reach out, talk to loved ones, and work with a family counsellor to navigate this difficult road. Only then can you truely process the hard times, and once again appreciate the good.