Maintaining Mental Health During COVID-19 Isolation

April 18th, 2020 in General Counselling

Maintaining good mental health can be challenging at any time. It is especially challenging for many of us while we are in isolation because of the current pandemic.

Fortunately, the same things that are beneficial for mental health during normal times also work during isolation. Here are some of our tips for staying healthy in isolation.

Eat well

Some people are cooking up a storm and others may have lost interest in food altogether. However, eating reasonably well, and trying to get enough calories and trace minerals, and especially protein are really important.

Eating well is important for all parts of your body, mental and physical. Try to eat less-processed food and as a rule, a colourful plate is often a healthy plate.

Get enough sleep

Nothing works right in your body when you don't get enough sleep. Really make an effort to get seven to eight hours. Consuming less caffeine after noon, and cutting back on screen time in the evening will help your sleep hygiene.

Get some exercise

Everything works better in your body including your mind when you get some exercise. Right now, group activities are a no-no, but you can still go for a walk or work in a garden or do some aerobic exercise at home watching a YouTube video.

Some fresh air outside has some other unintended benefits. Many things are in bloom right now in coastal BC. Look at the flowers. Take note of all the birds you see. Just being aware of the life around you can help you to feel less isolated.

Connect with people virtually

We can't gather in groups right now, but you can still meet with your friends online. Create a Facebook group for just your friends, or set up a regular video conference with those who raise your spirits and make you laugh.

Know that you are not alone, and many are struggling with the isolation. You will have to be creative in organizing your day and figuring out how to feel better and feel less alone. 

We are continuing with our counselling, although not in person. You can always contact us and make an appointment with a counsellor.

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