How to Help a Family Member Who Has a Gambling Addiction

April 28th, 2021 in Family Counselling

Gambling addictions can be very hard on family, and these addictions are notoriously hard to treat. There are a few concrete things that you can do to help if you have a family member with gambling addiction:


Don’t blame the person with the addiction. Someone with a gambling addiction likely already feels badly about it. Telling someone that it is his or her fault over and her and constantly reminding that person of the damage he or she has caused is not productive.


If you are asked to participate in counselling as a family, definitely go. When one person in a family has a behavioural problem, very often others in the family have contributed to the problem in some way. An attitude of “this is your problem, not mine” is not helpful.


Try to learn as much as possible as you can about gambling addictions so you will have some insight, and you can act and react as appropriately as possible. If you are looking for information online, stick to reputable websites and peer-reviewed, journal articles.

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