Feed-back Informed Treatment

June 27th, 2013 in General Counselling

How will you know if counselling is working?  When will you feel that you and the counsellor are a right fit?  These are hard questions to answer when clients are vulnerable and overwhelmed by a crisis in their lives.  However, they are important questions that a client will ask themselves.

As a therapist who is trained in Feedback- Informed Treatment (FIT) with Dr. Scott Miller, I encourage my clients to ponder these questions.  I will even ask them in each session.  This approach called feedback-informed treatment or FIT uses a client’s feedback to inform their treatment. Receiving ongoing formal feedback from clients has clear-cut benefits. It’s been shown to boost the effectiveness of therapy, including enhancing clients’ wellbeing and decreasing dropout rates and no-shows. And it makes sense: Once the therapist knows precisely how the client is feeling, they’re better equipped to adjust treatment accordingly.  This process allows clients to get the help they need in the manner in which they need it. The client informs the treatment and therefore has control in how effective the process will be for them.

As a Surrey counsellor that is committed to the process, I will work with my clients in exchanging open and honest feedback.  This assures my clients that our counselling relationship will be effective and purposeful.  So, how will you know that counselling is working? We will discuss it and make changes where necessary in the best interest of your recovery.