Family Counselling - How It Differs From One-On-One Therapy

July 31st, 2016 in Family Counselling

family counselling SurreyCounselling is used to treat mental and emotional discord. It aims to find workable solutions that allow individuals and groups to function productively and harmoniously within society.

Counselling therapies differ according to the needs of the person or persons being treated.  Individual therapy focuses solely on one person. Family therapy, however, engages several family members in the same session.

Our family counsellors in Surrey and Langley help families set objectives, improve relationships and promote understanding.

Approaches differ. A divorce, a death of a family member, or a mental or physical illness changes the dynamics of the family unit and each disruption requires different treatment.

Counselling Services Available in Langley & Surrey

Our counsellors specialize in many kinds of counselling, including:

  • Addiction Services
  • Services for Teens and Children (play therapy)
  • Mental Health Services
  • Trauma Related Incidents
  • Life Transitions
  • Separation and Divorce

Goals of Family Counselling

Our family counsellors are trained to observe family interactions. They also aim to understand and note the perceptions of any family member who may not attend sessions. This is sometimes the case, for example, when a family member has an addiction and the other family members are seeking help.

One of the main goals of family sessions is to foster more productive ways for family members to communicate.  Part of the process is to encourage and instruct individuals to replace negative communication patterns with more positive ones.

Our family counsellors identify potentially harmful communication patterns in the safe environment that counselling sessions provide. During counselling, individuals within the family achieve resolutions rather than being tethered by circular arguments.

Depending on the issue, family counselling may not take long. We find that families often benefit greatly from four to five sessions. Our counsellors will identify situations where more help is required or in which one family member could benefit from individual therapy.

It's not necessary, nor is it always wise, for individuals to go it alone. Family counselling builds the foundations for a harmonious future and is an effective way of alleviating mental and physical issues.