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Marriage and family relationships can be affected by addiction, and other ups and downs in life. Counselling is important to help end the cycles of pain and negative interactions.

At Kuldip we have 12 years of experience as a marriage and drugs-alcohol addictions counsellor in the Surrey-Langley area of Vancouver.

Here we aim to provide insights and information obtained from that experience

You are always welcome to contact us if you cannot find your answers here.

5 Tips to Improve Communication With Your Spouse
These 5 Tips to Improve Communication With Your Spouse can save your relationship and help you re-establish trust with your partner. #5 is vital for tough situations.
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Keeping Your Marriage Alive During COVID
Many married couples have found themselves in much closer quarters with their partner since COVID-19 started, than they were before. More people stay at home, and many more individuals are working at home. For some partners this close proximity has been more difficult than others. Here are some tips for keeping your marriage alive while COVID continues and we remain cooped up with our partners.
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Here's how telehealth can address relationship problems. Read more here.
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