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Kuldip Counselling & Consulting in Surrey & Langley has a specialty in addictions counselling. However we are qualified to provide therapy and counselling in additional areas. Kuldip has a background in working in areas of mental health, trauma, workplace issues and career development.

In these pages we attempt to provide insights and information gathered from our 12 years of experience in these areas

We hope these pages bring you the answers you seek and, of course, you are always welcome to contact us if you cannot find your answers here.

Who Can Benefit From Our Clinical Gambling Programs?
The Kuldip Counselling Clinical Gambling Programs are designed to treat those suffering from addiction. Read more here.
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Is Online Gambling Harder to Treat Than In-Person Gambling?
Is Online Gambling Harder to Treat Than In-Person Gambling? No, but it may be harder to detect. Read this guide to learn more.
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Is There a Shortage of Counsellors In BC?
Finding a great counsellor in BC is becoming a challenge, and a large part of this has to do with increased demand. The mental effects of the pandemic have caused ripple effects through the counselling world, and it is leading to a shortage of counselors in BC.
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