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At Kuldip we have 12 years of experience as a family counsellor in the Surrey-Langley area of Vancouver. In these pages we attempt to provide insights and information gleaned for that experience

Feel free to peruse at your pleasure, and you are always welcome to contact us if you cannot find your answers here - we are always glad to hear from you.

Navigating Blended Family Dynamics in Counselling
Navigating Blended Family Dynamics in Counselling. Professional Support Can Help Everyone Adjust Easier.
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Gambling addictions can be very hard on family, and these addictions are notoriously hard to treat. There are a few concrete things that you can do to help if you have a family member with gambling addiction:
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When Medication Fails
February 27th, 2020 in Family Counselling
Many people are fighting a silent battle against depression. Depression does not discriminate, and hundreds of millions of people worldwide fight this battle daily, dealing with stress and anxiety.
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